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Worshipping with Dementia

Posted on 16 July 2015 Gavin Glenn

Cover - Worshipping With Dementia

Meditations, scriptures and prayers for sufferers and carers

This practical book explains why Christians are called to care spiritually for people who may not be able to show their response. Often dementia hides the person from us, but never from God.

“We have accounts of people with dementia coming to faith on hearing the Gospel,” says Louise. “God never gives up, and neither should we. There are times in our care homes when, like lightning through darkness, there are fleeting moments of grace; glimpses when the person with dementia breaks through and is seen again. The Holy Spirit can unlock the confused minds of His elderly people. He works in ways we cannot see or understand, but sometimes we do see the results.”


For people with dementia, simplicity is paramount. This book provides simple daily devotions, together with a Scripture verse, a suggested prayer and a hymn. This is a worship resource for caregivers, sufferers, families, pastors, church groups, and medical professionals.

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