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World's Greatest Shave

Posted on 24 January 2014 Gavin Glenn

Library staff member Phoebe Kim's daughter's, Grace and Sophie are participating in the World's Greatest Shave.

The World’s Greatest Shave is a charity program to fund the Leukaemia Foundation. People who participate in this charity will shave their hair and they will need sponsors to raise money and the funds will be put towards research for treatment of blood cancer and provide on going care for its patients.

Their goal is to raise $1000 or more by the end of February, as the shaving event would take place from the 16th of March.

You can be a part of this by making an online donation to the link below, or drop your spare change in the box provided.

Any amount would be a great support for my daughters who are bravely buzzing off their locks!

Many Thanks – Phoebe Kim


Grace                     Sophie

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