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Why? Making Sense of God's Will

Posted on 24 September 2012 Gavin Glenn

Where is God when the innocent suffer?

Where is God when my prayers go unanswered? Why is God's will so hard to understand?

"As someone for whom the 'Christian answers' I grew up with failed to satisfy the troubling questions of my adulthood, I deeply appreciate Adam Hamilton's thoughtful book Why?"
Lynne Hybels, author of Nice Girls Don't Change the World

"Unlike many Christian writers these days, Adam Hamilton does actually make sense of God's will. This is a profoundly satisfying treatment of common misconceptions about God."
Roger Olson, author of Questions to All Your Answers

"For me, the one thoughtful pastor who offers wisdom for our deepest questions is Adam Hamilton. This book a rare gift and the kind of book that needs to be close at hand for all Christians."
Scot McKnight, author of A Community Called Atonement

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