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Posted on 7 April 2011 Gavin Glenn

In recent months, this question has been asked and answered by many people. The book ‘Creation untamed : the Bible, God, and natural disasters’ is a timely addition to the Library’s collection.


Terence Fretheim takes up the hard contemporary question as to how we are to understand God’s will and action in the event of the destructive forces and natural disasters exhibited in creation such as tsunamis, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes.

People throughout history have viewed such natural disasters as vengeful ‘acts of God’.

Fretheim explores how this traditional perspective conflicts with a careful reading of the Bible’s creation texts. He states that the Bible cannot provide all the answers; that mysteries remain.  In this book, Fretheim portrays a loving, power-sharing, relational God who has brought into being a dynamic creation which is full of beauty and risk.

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