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Who Let the Dads Out? / SODA: School’s Out, Dad’s About

Posted on 4 November 2014 Gavin Glenn

School's Out, Dad's AboutParent and toddler work can strengthen families and transform relationships, yet sometimes men have limited access to the parent and toddler world.




 Who Let the Dads Out? tells the story of how the Who Let the Dads Out? program came into being. It gives a practical guide for setting up and running the monthly sessions, complete with theological background, real-life case studies, helpful hints and tips, and twelve easy craft ideas.

SODA: School’s Out, Dad’s About provides everything you need to run the following activities for dads and other male carers.

School’s Out, Dad’s About– when children get too old for Who Let the Dads Out?, a SODA club gives dads and their Reception to Year 2 children the opportunity to have fun and mix with other families.

Daddy Cool!– A five session parenting program for those attending Who let the Dads Out? and SODA clubs. It’s about food, activity, competition and facing up to the challenges of being a dad.

Soul Man?– A discussion group that offers dads the chance to think about their beliefs and values. There is a place for those who don’t believe in God at all, those who are not sure and those who do believe in God but are still working out what that means for them.

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