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What makes for a good city?

Posted on 24 April 2010 wgleeson

United Theological College and the Public and Contextual Theology Research Centre at Charles Sturt University presented a one-day programme - "What makes for a good city?" on May 10 at the Centre for Ministry, North Parramatta.

Keynote speaker on the day will be UK Theologian, Rev Dr Chris Baker.  Dr Baker is currently the Research Director at the William Templeton Foundation, a faith-based, non denominational research centre.  Dr Baker completed a PhD in 2002 entitled Towards A Theology of New Towns - The Implications of the New Town Experience for Urban Theology, and has since established himself as a leading authority in Urban Theology.

Joining Dr Baker is Mehmet Ozalp, founding President and CEO of Affinity Intercultural Foundation and the Islamic Sciences and Research Academy of Australia, National Director of UnitingWorld, the Uniting Church's International partnerships agency, Kerry Enright and the National Director of UnitingJustice, Elenie Poulos.

Marion Maddox, Associate Professor at the Centre for Research on Social Inclusion at Macquarie University, author and journalist, Michael Symons, Director of the NSW Synod School of Continuing Education Robert McFarlane and Superintendant of Parramatta Mission, Keith Hamilton will also present, along with members of the faculty of United Theological College.

To mark the conference, Camden Theological Library will feature a selection of titles written by Chris Baker and other presenters, and works from around the Urban Theology and community organisation fields, including the writings of Luke Bretherton, Michael Gecan and Saul Alinsky.

Also featured is information on the Sydney Alliance, a network of community organisations, including the NSW Synod and other groups within the Uniting Church, looking at urban renewal within Sydney.  The Sydney Alliance is isnpired by the work of other similar organisations around the world, including groups in Chicago and London.

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