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We the Storytellers: Blending our stories with God's story

Posted on 28 April 2014 Gavin Glenn

We the Storytellers provides examples and techniques for expressing deeply held beliefs through the oldest form of communication – stories. This book can be used as a resource on narrative theology for preachers, teachers and storytellers.

Narrative theology is about peeling back the known to discover the unknown. Rather than pronouncing facts, it gives an opportunity for an “ah ha” experience. In a sermon it allows the hearer to grasp an element of truth through fiction or personal story – Jesus’s method. And narrative theology is about revealing the relationship between God and God’s people. What better way to look at relationships than through stories?

The book is written in two parts. Part 1 asks what is a sacred story and offers a number of possibilities. Part 2 is a workshop on acting, writing, and presentation skills aimed at those who are drawn to expressing themselves through stories. The stories here are from Sally’s own life experiences – the monologues from her imagination. Each story is related to a theme and is humorous, poignant, and human.

We the Storytellers will inspire and equip its readers to develop and perform their own sacred stories.

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