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We Need to Talk

Posted on 15 June 2015 Gavin Glenn

Cover - We Need to Talk

How to successfully navigate conflict

Grow through conflict into a healthier you.

Conflict is a normal part of our lives and relationships. But the desire to avoid it and the tendency to handle it poorly can get us stuck – or even in trouble. In this practical and approachable book, therapist Dr. Linda Mintle expertly leads you through successful conflict management so that you can enjoy more secure and peaceful relationships. She offers real-world advice based on solid research for marriages, parenting, extended family, ex-spouses, blended families, and friendships. You will learn to:

  • Approach conflict in ways that work
  • Problem solve and be more confident
  • Strengthen relationships even when conflict seems unsolvable
  • Negotiate differences
  • Forgive and move on





Dr. Mintle helps you understand your personal approach to conflict, how it developed, and what you can do to effectively engage with others. Throughout, she directs you to your ultimate source of relational transformation: a loving God.


If you want to build and maintain stronger relationships despite conflict, We Need to Talk is the place to start.

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