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Walking Gently on the Earth : Making Faithful Choices About Food, Energy, Shelter and More

Posted on 14 January 2013 Gavin Glenn

God created the world in a delicate balance for the good of all plants, animals and people. Tragically, though, from the Fall to today, we as humans have lived in ways that keep living things--including fellow human beings--from surviving at all, much less flourishing.

But we can change that.

Sociologist and author Lisa McMinn and Megan Anna Neff invite you to rediscover, through new eyes, the beauty and goodness of our earth, and to make faithful choices that will help it prosper. Each chapter uniquely begins with a prelude by Megan Anna that highlights an African perspective or practice, helping us glean the wisdom of another culture and reminding us of the interconnectedness of everything on the earth. Lisa's fluid, passionate writing then offers both the truth about the state of the earth and inspiration to get back to --a peace that allows all things to thrive. Covering such topics as:

  • farming practices
  • slave labour
  • consumer power
  • climate change
  • alternative energy sources
  • family size

Lisa clearly demonstrates the effects of our choices and makes it easy for us to choose with discernment, with lists of resources and organizations at the end of each chapter. Infused throughout is a deep celebration of the earth God made and declared "excellent in every way" (Genesis 1:31).

Come and read. Then go and live with intention, using the power of your choices to walk gently on an earth that is beautiful and broken, that it might come to flourish once again.

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