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Urban to the Core

Posted on 1 October 2014 Gavin Glenn

Motives for incarnational mission

The world is urban at its core – over half the world’s population live in cities and most of the global poverty resides there too. Urbanisation affects all of us, whether we live in cities or not, and this impact will increase in the coming decades.

For fifteen years Urban Expression has been motivating people to get up and move into inner-city neighbourhoods to see what they can learn and what difference they can make. This book gets into the heads and hearts of our teams and unpacks the values that have inspired these missionaries to be urban to the core.

Grass-roots honest reflections from some of our one hundred current and former team members and mission partners, capture the essence of what has shaped the thinking and activity of this experimental urban mission agency.

If you are concerned about cities, those on the margins of society, cross-cultural mission or new forms of church, this book will inspire and challenge your core convictions about mission priorities in an urban world.

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