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Posted on 30 November 2009 wgleeson

On-site users of the Library may have noticed a great deal of noise and dust at various times since the start of September, although, there hasn't been anything to see in the public spaces of the Library.

Significant changes have been made behind the scenes to increase and assist access for Library staff to the Library storage areas, located underneath the Library.

The Bat Cave, aka StackThe initial work included an internal passageway between the Stack 1 and Stack 2 areas.  Previously, Stack 2 was only accessible via an external door.  The passageway required two doorways to be opened through concrete wall, a noisy and dusty job, requiring the stack collection to be closed for a short time to protect the items.

After completing the passageway, work immediately began on a second major project, one that had been on hold since the construction of the Centre for Ministry in the mid-1980s.  Architects had allowed space for a goods-lift shaft between the staff workroom (behind the Circulation desk) and the Stack area.

DumbwaiterTwenty-five years later, the lift (also known as a dumbwaiter) was installed!  Again, this was a noisy and dusty process, with two holes being cut through the wall in the staff workroom and the doorway near Stack having to be nearly doubled in size to fit the lift.  The shaft also required modifications to meet fire safety regulations.

Most of the noisiest work was completed during the UTC mid-semester break, but again, some work was completed during some of the busiest times of the Library year.

The lift was installed in November 2009, and will be commissioned as soon as the finishing touches are applied.

The next episode

Earlier in 2009, the decision was made to relocate the NSW Synod Archives, who have been located in Burnside for the last 24 years, to the Centre for Ministry.  This exciting project has enabled the Synod Archives to be housed in a purpose built location for the first time, and has also seen a significant portion of the archive material digitised to enable increased access to the information.

To prepare for the arrival of Archives, a new round of construction work is due to begin on November 30, extending the building underneath the Library out underneath the Library balcony.  A new, larger 'Garden Room' will be built adjoining the current Garden Room, which will become part of the Archives storage area.

The main area of the Library will also be modified, with the balcony area being covered in to provide extra working areas for Library users.

The Mildred Parker Room (near the CFM Kitchen) will become the new Archives office space, and the All Saint's Room in the Library will be modified to accommodate Video Conferencing equipment.

BalconyThis work is due to be completed by the middle of February, enabling the relocation of Archives by the end of March, and also to allow the Library to settle in ready for the resumption of activities at the Centre in 2010.

The building work will mean that the Library may be closed for longer than usual over the Christmas period.  The Library will be closed from December 24th, with the 2010 opening date to be decided this week.

The Library staff would like to thank all users for their patience and understanding during this extended period of construction. 



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