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Top 5 Children's Ministry Books

Posted on 18 August 2010 Gavin Glenn

Here are my 'Top 20' selection of books to get you started thinking about topics like child theology, ministry to children and families and inclusive worship.  How do we as a church prepare children and young people to be involved in the ongoing life of the church?   Are we countering the negative messages of our culture?  Do children have opportunities to develop an inner working model of  Christian language, an understanding of their identity as Christians, how to make ethical decisions and discuss the meaning of life and death? I'd be interested to hear your suggestions for further recommended reading.

Judyth Roberts
Children and Families Ministry Consultant
Board of Education
Synod of NSW and the ACT



Real Kids Real FaithReal Kids, Real Faith by Karen Marie Yust

Thoughtful exploration about how to provide spiritually nurturing practices into every-day family life.  Lots of stories to illustrate ideas that will be useful for children's ministry workers and/or parents.


Postmodern Childrens MinistryPostmodern Children's Ministry by Ivy Beckwith

Ivy Beckwith provides an overview of what has and hasn't worked in the past and seeks an alternative, relational style of children's ministry to take us forward.



Idolising ChildrenIdolising Children by Daniel Donahoo.

An Australian dad holds up a mirror to our society and culture and highlights the distortions to our families that result.


Childrens SpiritualityChildren's Spirituality by Rebecca Nye

Based on research with many children in the UK, this book will make you look at children differently and inform your interactions with them. 



 Mission-Shaped Children by Margaret Withers

The book 'Mission Shaped Church' included the importance of involving and nurturing children in the church. So this is a thorough report to the UK Church of England about strategies based on the evidence collected.  It contains much information and guidance for  Christians anywhere in the world who are seeking a way forward to a church that does more than contain and entertain children.  

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