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Top 5 Child Theology Books

Posted on 20 August 2010 Gavin Glenn

Here are my 'Top 20' selection of books to get you started thinking about topics like child theology, ministry to children and families and inclusive worship.  How do we as a church prepare children and young people to be involved in the ongoing life of the church?   Are we countering the negative messages of our culture?  Do children have opportunities to develop an inner working model of  Christian language, an understanding of their identity as Christians, how to make ethical decisions and discuss the meaning of life and death? I'd be interested to hear your suggestions for further recommended reading.

Judyth Roberts
Children and Families Ministry Consultant
Board of Education
Synod of NSW and the ACT

Children and the TheologiansChildren and the Theologians by Jerome Berryman

A book about the complex history of childhood and how it intersects with Christian history and practice.  He suggests children are a means of grace; welcome them and Christ will enter in also.


Graced VulnerabilityGraced Vulnerability by David Jensen

Jensen suggests that vulnerability is a dimension of the imageo Dei, and that childhood provides a window for understanding the shape of graced human life.  A small but powerful book.


Welcoming ChildrenWelcoming Children by Joyce Mercer

A challenging read, weaving the voices of children with feminist theory, liberation theology, educational and cultural studies.  Mercer is one of many theologians working on an integrated theology of childhood to assist the church in its ministry with children. 


Let the Children ComeLet the Children Come by Bonnie-Miller-McLemore

The by-line 'Re-imaging children from a Christian perspective' neatly sums up this book.The author explores how to raise children with integrity in a post-modern society and demonstrates that the care of children is in itself a religious discipline and a communal practice that places demands on both parents and congregations.

The Child in the BibleThe Child in the Bible edited by Marcia Bunge

An impressive volume with eighteen contributors exploring children in the Bible and their roles and responsibilities, with attention paid to how this may shed light on the stories and interpretation of events.

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