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Tom Wright for Everyone

Posted on 18 December 2014 Gavin Glenn

Tom Wright has achieved global recognition as a biblical theologian through his academic and popular publications. And yet alongside this recognition, there has been a widespread failure within both academia and the Church to engage fully with his thought and grapple with its implications. In Tom Wright for Everyone, Stephen Kuhrt challenges us to make this engagement. His enlightening summary of Tom Wright’s theology addresses in particular some of the weaknesses within the theology of contemporary evangelicalism, such as:


  • The nature of the Christian hope
  • The significance of the resurrection of Jesus
  • The lack of a convincing theological basis for holistic mission
  • Treatments of sin, evil and the atonement
  • Approaches to the Bible and attitudes towards biblical scholarship
  • Ambivalence towards ‘the good things of creation’, the sacraments and the Church


The latter part of this volume describes in detail the way in which the author has sought to put Tom Wright’s theology into practice through the ministry and mission of his own parish, Christ Church, New Malden. This synthesis of the intellectual and the practicable will be of much interest to those concerned to see how an integrated biblical theology can shape and resource the Church’s response to the tasks and challenges of the twenty-first century. For Church leaders, theological students and Christian social activists, Tom Wright for Everyone will prove essential and fascinating reading.


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