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Through the Eyes of a Child : New Insights in Theology from a Child's Perspective

Posted on 9 December 2013 Gavin Glenn

This major new hook has been commissioned to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the United Nations International Year of the Child.

Using the experience or children as a starting point, each of the distinguished contributors considers a key theological theme ‘through the eyes of a child’. Themes include:

- Nakedness and vulnerability    - Pray                       - Death

- Creation                                    - Sin                         - Judgement

- Spirituality                                - Forgiveness           - Angels

- Word                                         - Grace                     - Heaven and hell

                                                    - Salvation

‘Looking through the eyes of a child is not a twee, cosy or easy experience. It can be unsettling, uncomfortable, edgy . . . The children whose voices are offered here challenge each one of us to re-examine our faith, our Christian lives and theological understanding.’ From the Introduction


This book will be invaluable for all those interested in child theology and all who work with or teach children in church and elsewhere.


Each chapter is followed by questions for reflective engagement and discussion and each group of chapters is followed by a series of activities to encourage ways of interacting with and learning from children.


‘There is more than meets the eye in these salient and timely pages. In the complexity of themes there sings a single truth. Welcoming children so that adults can know God and becoming like children so that adults can be mature are, as Jesus said, realities that will make the Church a healing place, a place of blessing for all. including children.’


Jerome W. Berryman., founder of Godly Play and Senior Fellow at the Center
for the Theology of Childhood. Houston, Texas


‘What a gift! A book that pays close attention to children's experiences for understanding Christian faith. By combining empirical research and theological reflection, the authors offer fresh perspectives on doctrine and practice, reminding us that the work of the church is interwoven with the play, imagination, and spirituality of childhood.’


David H. Jensen. Associate Professor of Constructive Theology,


Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary


‘In the welcome upsurge of writing on children and theology this volume is not only lo be treasured but to be delved into and shared around with anyone you know who cares in any way about children. Through the eyes of a child gathers together unique, insightful and challenging thoughts in a way which cannot help but make you want more.’


Doug Swanney, Head of Discipleship and Ministries, The Methodist Church


Contributors: Anne Richards, Peter Privett, Nigel Asbridge, Keith White, Rebecca Nye,


Joanna Collicutt, Emma Percy, Sandra Millar, Angelo Shier-Jones, John Pridmore, John Drane and Olive M. Fleming Drane, Paul Butler, Howard Worsley and Philip Fryar.



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