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There's Hope For Your Church : First Steps to Restoring Health and Growth

Posted on 31 January 2013 Gavin Glenn

It's easy to feel discouraged by shrinking attendance and slow spiritual growth in your church. But the first step to turning things around is hope. God can and does restore churches to new life, even as he restores individuals. Church health expert Gary McIntosh offers you real hope by showing you the first things you need to do to make a new start for your church. The street-smart ideas and step-by-step instructions found in this book are ones that you can put to use immediately in your church to bring about solid growth and renewed hope for the future.

"A wealth of wisdom for anyone seeking to turn around a declining or plateaued church. McIntosh skillfully draws on his three decades of church consultations to forge a step-by-step strategy for restoring vitality to struggling churches. This book gives you hope and will show you the way to revitalize your church."--Ed Stetzer, author of Viral Churches

"There's Hope for Your Church is a coaching experience bound in the pages of a book. Gary makes his wisdom available to help a pastor begin and carry through with a project of leading a church to become healthy and carry out the Great Commission."--Elmer Towns, cofounder of Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia

"Gary McIntosh moves beyond mere analytical explanations and gives practical how-to's. This book will take you from concept to completion."--Samuel R. Chand author of Cracking Your Church's Culture Code (

Gary L. McIntosh is president of the Church Growth Network and professor of Christian ministry and leadership at Talbot School of Theology. He leads seminars and has written twenty books, including Biblical Church Growth, Beyond the First Visit, and Taking Your Church to the Next Level.

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