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The Ultimate Survival Guide for Children’s Ministry Workers

Posted on 23 December 2014 Gavin Glenn

I said I’d volunteer in the children’s ministry – now what do I do?

Have no fear! This valuable, easy-to-use resource will give you a solid foundation as you begin working in ministry. From basic ideas for getting started to practical tips on classroom-management techniques to help in understanding different age levels, everything you’ll need is outlined in these pages. You’ll also find:

  • Help for the first meeting with your class or group
  • Ideas for working with children with special needs
  • Guidelines for the role of a volunteer in the child’s spiritual development
  • Information for understanding the current tech-savvy generation
  • Tips for self-evaluation
  • Instruction on keeping kids safe at church

With this lifesaving book, you’ll finish the year as passionate and enthusiastic about your role in children’s ministry as when you began.

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