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The Trouble with Resurrection : From Paul to the Fourth Gospel

Posted on 13 March 2013 Gavin Glenn

Most Christians believe in the physical resurrection of Jesus. Once that idea became fixed, it provided the lens through whicheverything else was viewed—and distorted. By examining the so-called resurrection stories in chronological order, Brandon Scott prompts readers to re-examine the pluralistic and diverse phenomenon that came to be known as the "resurrection," and to ask,

  • What does the New Testament really say about the resurrection?
  • What is the influence of Judaism on Christian belief in the resurrection?
  • How did the resurrection become the central belief in Christianity?
  • Why did early Christians choose to believe in the resurrection?
  • And why is resurrection not the right word?

"A thoughtful and accessible resource for anyone trying to rescue the story of Jesus from pop Christianity"

—Rev. David M. Felten, co-creator of Living the Questions

"Brandon Scott has done scholars and pastors alike a favor by writing this book:'

—Dr. Robin R. Meyers, author of Saving Jesus from the Church

"Scholarly, provocative, readable, and above all, honest … This bookwill be a classic!

—Rex A. E. Hunt, The Centre for Progressive Religious Thought in Australia

"Meticulous ... . readable … compelling … The book should be onevery minister's reading list."

—David Buttrick, Vanderbilt University, emeritus

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