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The Resurrection of Jesus

Posted on 12 December 2014 Gavin Glenn

The event of Jesus resurrection is like the event of creation: There were no eye-witnesses. So how does one make sense of the story of the resurrection or rather stories, for not one but many diverse reports survive from early Christianity? Brandon Scott suggests that we must begin by erasing all Christian art about the resurrection from our memory. And then forget all the sermons we heard at Easter. The best way to understand the resurrection, he argues, is to arrange the texts chronologically and observe how the story itself developed.

The Resurrection of Jesus: A Sourcebook begins with just such a list, compiled with commentaries by Robert W. Funk. It proceeds to a report of the Jesus Seminar s votes on the resurrection, followed by a collection and discussion by Robert Price of resurrection stories found in the Greek culture of Jesus day, and an in-depth study by Arthur Dewey of a little-known resurrection story in the Gospel of Peter. The final essays in the volume, by Roy W. Hoover and Thomas Sheehan, explore the origins of belief in Jesus’ resurrection and help put the pieces back together again, in ways that make sense in the modern world.

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