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The reflective leader : standing still to move forward

Posted on 3 March 2014 Gavin Glenn

Reflection is essential for effective leadership. To be reflective is to see the bigger picture, the longer term, and the wider perspectives that other viewpoints can bring. Leaders in today's complex and fast changing world need more time to reflect, not less. This book looks at how leaders, in the midst of their busy working lives, can develop the habit of reflection and how the capacity to reflect can make a tangible difference to the flourishing of an organization.

The most fundamental factors that affect our leadership are our values, our character, our attitudes and our personality. The Reflective Leader shows that who we are as leaders is just as important as what we do and that our character is as vital as our skills.

The authors, one a partner in a leading international executive coaching organisation and the other a bishop in the Church of England, have extensive experience in developing leaders in a range of demanding contexts covering business, public service and the voluntary sector. They blend ancient wisdom with contemporary insights to offer a practical and illuminating guide to knowing yourself, understanding others, reading the context and creating a team that will flourish.

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