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The Nature and Future of Christianity

Posted on 10 July 2015 Gavin Glenn

Cover - The Nature and Future of Christianity

A study of alternative approaches

This book briefly characterizes the many different ways Christianity is currently understood and practiced. These include approaches that center primarily on beliefs and doctrine, those that focus on the support of personal wellbeing, versions of Christianity that nurture special kinds of community in response to particular group identities, those that give attention to Christians' role in society, and those that offer different ways of thinking about the role and function of the church. Long then considers how these traditions relate to each other in both ecumenical and interfaith encounters. He concludes by developing a theological foundation for recognizing and celebrating what is valuable in each of these many diverse approaches.


Written primarily as a resource for adult education groups in parish settings, this book will also be of interest to professionals, scholars, and lay readers alike. It considers the strengths and possible limitations of each approach and the challenges that all Christians confront in facing the future.

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