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The Mission of Preaching

Posted on 15 July 2015 Gavin Glenn

Cover - The Mission of Preaching

Equipping the community for faithful witness

We hear plenty of discussion about missional theology, missional leadership and missional church planting. But what about missional preaching? Now that the church in the West lives within a post-Christendom context, how should preaching look different? What homiletical assumptions arose within Christendom but are no longer relevant for a missionary church?


In The Mission of Preaching, Patrick W. T. Johnson develops the first missional homiletic, a model for preaching determined by the missionary encounter between the gospel and Western culture. Mobilizing the latest resources in homiletical theory and missional theology, he argues that preaching is a major form of the church’s witness to Jesus Christ, equipping the congregation for its witness to the world.

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