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The Lion Has Roared

Posted on 13 February 2014 Gavin Glenn

Theological themes in the prophetic literature of the Old Testament

Throughout ages the prophetic literature of the Old Testament has always fascinated its readers. Up to our modern times, the bold prophetic message of doom and salvation continually triggers our imagination. At the same time, the books of the prophets confront us with many questions as to their aim and theological content, challenging us to translate their message in our own actual context. The Lion Has Roared—an image used by the prophets themselves—was written to meet the need for a better understanding of the prophets.

By taking into account recent trends in current scholarship on the prophetic literature in the Old Testament, this book explores the core theological message of each individual prophetic book, including the book of Daniel. This is done by viewing each book both from a historical and literary perspective. A selected bibliography on each prophetic book is also provided to guide the interested reader to further reading.

This unique volume was written by sixteen Old Testament scholars from Africa, America, Asia, and Europe for use by students of theology and religious studies, pastors and preachers, and interested lay readers.

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