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The Good Funeral : Death , Grief, and the Community of Care

Posted on 16 May 2014 Gavin Glenn

What makes a good funeral?

Two of the most authoritative voices on funeral practices come together here in one volume to discuss the current state of the funeral. Through their different lenses – one as a preacher and theologian and one as a funeral director – Thomas G. Long and Thomas Lynch discuss several challenges facing “the good funeral,” including the commercial aspects that have led many to be suspicious of funeral directors, the sometimes-tense relationship between pastors and funeral directors, the tendency of modern funerals to exclude the body from the service, and the rapid growth in cremation. The book features forewords from Patrick Lynch, president of the National Funeral Directors Association, and Barbara Brown Taylor, popular author and preacher. This will be an essential resource for funeral directors, morticians, pastors, and anyone else who cares about “the good funeral”.

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