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The Faiths of the Postwar Presidents: From Truman to Obama

Posted on 30 June 2015 Gavin Glenn

Cover - The Faiths of the Postwar Presidents

Dwight Eisenhower was raised in the Jehovah’s Witnesses. John F. Kennedy cared little about religion. Lyndon Johnson often attended church three times on Sunday during the Vietnam war. Richard Nixon privately denied the divinity of Christ as well as the Biblical miracles. Bill Clinton got up on Sundays as a child, dressed himself, and went alone to Sunday school and then to adult services. Barrack Obama’s visits to African American churches caused such disruptions that the Obama family decided to worship elsewhere in the District of Columbia - these are a few of the surprises revealed in The Faiths of the Postwar Presidents.


Holmes’s The Faiths of the Founding Fathers won national acclaim. Now he has similarly examined the role of parents, educators, friends, mentors, and clergy in the religious faiths of the twelve presidents since World War II. Interest in the faiths of our presidents is as strong as ever. Holmes’s work add depth, balance, insight, color, and even humor to this important national topic.

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