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The Evolution of Adam : What the Bible Does and Doesn't Say About Human Origins

Posted on 23 May 2012 Gavin Glenn

Reviewed by George Emeleus 

New Atheist attacks on Christianity include ridicule of belief in a literal six-day creation and Adam and Eve and fall.   Peter Enns sees the importance of having other ways of engaging with the scriptures which do not provoke such ridicule. He well understands the concerns that some of his fellow American Evangelicals have about the integrity of central Christian doctrines if Adam and the fall are taken non-literally.   His book is addressed to them, giving an introduction to critical biblical and archaeological studies and offering exegesis of Paul’s understanding of the theological significance of Adam.    His main arguments are substantial, though quite easy to read.  His concluding section  is titled “Adam today: nine theses” and is a clear and concise summary of his case that it is perfectly possible to “ value Scripture as God’s Word and accept evolution as the correct model for human origins.”

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