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The Collar

Posted on 5 December 2014 Gavin Glenn

Reading Christian ministry in fiction, television and film

Combining thematic analysis and stimulating close readings, The Collar is a wide-ranging study of the many ways – heroic or comic, shrewd or dastardly – Christian ministers have been represented in literature and film. Since all Christians are expected to be involved in ministry of some type, the assumptions of secular culture about minister affect more than just clergy. Ranging across several nations (particularly the U. S., Britain and Canada), denominations, and centuries, The Collar aims to encourage creative and faithful responses to the challenges of Christian leadership and to provoke awareness of the times when leadership expectations become too extreme. Using the framework of novels, plays, TV, and movies to make inquiries about pastoral passion , frustration, and fallibility, Sue Sorensen’s well-informed, sprightly, and perceptive book will be helpful to pastors, parishioners, those interested in practical theology, and anyone who enjoys evocative literature and film.

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