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The Cambridge Companion to Science and Religion

Posted on 16 December 2010 Gavin Glenn

Reviewed by Lionel Robson 

In recent years the so-called new atheists argue (shout really) that religion is an antiquated view of the world that can be pensioned off and completely replaced with explanations from sceince.  Whoa. Not so fast, please.
This important volume gives useful overview of the relations between science and religion.  It covers cosmology, evolutionary biology psychology, bioethics and the history of science.  The cognative science of religion and the sience of the environmet are not covered.
All contributors are recognised experts who present their arguments clearly and concisely.  Michael Stenmark, for example, writing on ways of relating sceince and religion covers the area in 12 pages; his book on the subject is 287 pages. Non specialists can follow the arguments in this Companion.

No Christian can escape the impact and challenge of science to religion.  Yet, denial is alive and well.  Pick up any theology textbook and count the number of times science appears in the index. This excellent book shows how we can come to terms with the issues raised in the science and religion debate.  It is a debate that is not going to go away.  Best to face it now through excellent resource material like that contained in this volume.

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