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The Bible as Prayer: A Handbook for Lectio Divina

Posted on 14 November 2014 Gavin Glenn

The Bible as Prayer is an anthology of short phrases and passages from the Bible designed specifically as an aid to prayer. It is a resource to keep at hand in pocket or briefcase, enabling the reader to engage with the business of prayer straightaway.

As early as the third century, monks would take short phrases from the Scriptures and meditate on them in their hearts or on their lips. Out of this developed the Jesus Prayer in the East and lectio divina in the West. This book aims to return to the source, drawing both traditions together and helping busy people in the 21st century to rediscover a simple form of mediation.

Nobody is an expert in prayer, and a sense of helplessness and inadequacy, or even failure, is the first step every time to opening our hearts and minds to the One who prays in us. To want to pray, even with reluctance, and to make time for the attempt is to pray.

Every page of this unique book has some words to help the reader to begin that journey.

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