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The Adolescent Journey : An Interdisciplinary Approach to Practical Youth Ministry

Posted on 12 May 2014 Gavin Glenn

Relevance reigns in contemporary youth ministry.

Our programs are ordered, our events constructed, with an eye toward what is current to mass youth culture. In the process, far too often we overlook the fact that there is a journey taking place. A child is becoming an adult. A human being is struggling to apprehend the divine. A person is seeking answers to profound questions: Who am I? Do I matter? Where do I belong?

Amy Jacober proposes a bilingual conversation, core to the concept of practical theology, between the theological and psychosocial context of adolescence. Youth ministers must consider the story of the student, the ministry and God’s epic narrative, in which individuals and communities alike have a role. Drawing from the work of significant theologians and ethicists, as well as current research in adolescent development, Jacober presents an often inspiring view of youth ministry as participation in God’s reconciling work among adolescents.

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