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Teenagers Matter

Posted on 12 June 2015 Gavin Glenn

Cover - Teenagers Matter

Making student ministry a priority in the church

Bringing together the latest ideas and research on adolescence, a veteran practitioner champions student ministry as integral to the life of the church.



"Mark Cannister has given his career to cultivating space for love and commitment between budding youth workers and youth ministry, between academic discourse and the field of youth ministry, between the young people themselves and the church. This book is the manifestation of those many years of deepening skill and passion. On every page you'll see a wise teacher, devoted parent, and ferocious advocate for the young."

--Andrew Root, Luther Seminary

"Many have sounded the alarm regarding the damage done by parents who choose to spend their time selfishly focusing on pursuits that have come to matter more than raising their children. But is it possible that in our congregations we've been selfish as well, isolating teenagers in age-segregated ministries without also integrating them in the full life of the church? Mark Cannister makes it clear that teenagers can, do, and must matter in the life of the church. Pastors, youth workers, parents, and church members who read Teenagers Matter will be challenged to re-think and re-structure youth ministry in ways that reflect biblical priorities and promote significant spiritual growth."

--Walt Mueller, Center for Parent/Youth Understanding

"This book gives youth leaders well-conceived, user-friendly counsel for moving beyond ministry that is 'good enough.' I'm always on the lookout for books that combine biblical faithfulness and theological reflection with in-the-trenches relevance and Teenagers Matter is just such a book. It's thorough, thoughtful, challenging, and practical."

--Duffy Robbins, Eastern University

"Reading this book was a profound and unexpected pleasure. Mark Cannister effortlessly connects the dots on behalf of comprehensive youth ministry. At last, here is a book that articulates why and how God's people can step up into a faithfulness that will make a difference for every kid in our communities."


--Dave Rahn, senior vice-president, Youth for Christ/USA; director, Huntington University's MA in Youth Ministry Leadership

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