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Posted on 22 January 2010 wgleeson





We have the pleasure of welcoming Linda Glenn back from maternity leave.  Linda was on leave throughout semester 2, 2009, when she and Gavin, Ryan and Aaron welcomed Jessica to the family.

Linda and Jessica
Linda and Jessica

We were lucky enough to have a number of visits from Jessica late in 2009, but the Christmas break has done her well, and we can see that she quickly developing into a prodigious theological scholar!

Jessica digesting Ben Myers' 'Milton's Theology of Freedom'
Jessica with Ben Myers' 'Milton's Theology of Freedom'

Sadly, with the new year, we have had to say goodbye to Susan Maddox-Gleeson, who has commenced full time employment with Australian Hearing.  Susan has worked at the library for the past three years, greeting library users on Saturday's and also during the week.  Susan has also offered a valuable contribution to the Library, assisting with cataloguing.

Phoebe and Susan
Phoebe and Susan

Susan has been working with Phoebe Kim who will take over some of the cataloguing duties.

We also welcome back Hee-Wan Chang, Je-Sung Cho, Sulu Uota and Louise Steinfurth who will be working in various capacities behind the scenes.


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