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Soul Pain : Priests Reflect on Personal Experiences of Serious and Terminal Illness

Posted on 13 November 2013 Gavin Glenn

In their daily work, priests meet individuals and families trying to cope with life-threatening illness, or coming to terms with sudden, life-altering events – sometimes in heart-breaking situations. When they themselves experience serious or terminal illness, there is the additional burden of being in a public role; of needing to manage outward behaviours while inner feelings may be overwhelming. In wrestling with the same difficult questions that others bring to them, how can they embody the narrative of hope and redemptive love that undergirds the Christian understanding of healing?

Soul Pain (a term coined by Dame Cicely Saunders) is a moving, articulate and profound series of reflections on the fear, anger, desolation and journey to acceptance that serious illness brings. It explores the choices to be faced, the meaning of healing in such contexts and the transformation that is possible.

Theologically rich and with a depth of wisdom learned at great cost, this book is full of illuminating insights for clergy, medical professionals and all who seek to support the sick, and those who watch and wait with them.

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