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Six Big Questions : Wrestling with Objections to the Christian Faith

Posted on 27 August 2012 Gavin Glenn

"Questions! When we're children, we can't ask enough of them; it's how we learn. Six Big Questions was inspired by a little booklet called What if? This encourages us to ask hard questions of the Christian faith, but also to be willing to listen carefully and reflect on any potential answers. In adulthood we can be too busy - or to cynical - to take time to explore these things. This was certainly my position as an avowed atheist student when someone said to me, 'You've never really thought about it.' I'm still discovering fresh ways in which the Christian faith makes sense of reality in all its complexity. This booklet is intended for people who are anywhere on the spectrum from atheist to believer, and is offered as an opportunity to explore fresh perspectives on some of the most important questions of life." - John Hibberd

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