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Simply Jesus

Posted on 19 September 2014 Gavin Glenn

Who he was, what he did, why it matters

Who was – and is – Jesus of Nazareth? This is a simple question that every Christian must ask. A multitude of different voices and centuries of church tradition have made it difficult for us to see Jesus the way his own contemporaries saw him, and to understand him in the way that he wanted to be understood. This book places Jesus firmly within his own context, and show how startlingly relevant he is to our own day as well.


In this book, renowned New Testament scholar Tom Wright sets out to answer three simple but vital questions about Jesus: who was hi, what did he do and why does it matter? The Jesus we might discover if we really looked is larger, more radical and more urgent than we ever imagined. And when we recognize Jesus, our next challenge is to follow him in his project of bringing God’s wise, healing rule to bear on his world.

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