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Shaping a digital world : faith, culture and computer technology

Posted on 24 March 2014 Gavin Glenn

Technology shapes us.

But how do we shape a digital world?

As an electrical engineer, Derek Schuurman wondered, what do bits and bytes have to do with Christian beliefs? Sitting in a cubicle farm in the high technology industry, he had difficulty understanding what his work had to do with the kingdom of God.

In a concise and accessible style, Schuurman explores a wide range of topics from why making technology is fun to why technology is more than technical. Besides technical implications, the high-tech world also has substantial legal, ethical, political, social and other nontechnical implications. Computer science thus needs to avoid reductionism and respect the diversity and complexity in creation.

While technology is not neutral, neither is there an exclusively "Christian" form of technological production and use. So the author centers his view of the digital world on the grand themes of creation, fall, redemption and new creation. Responsibly used, technology can become an integral part of God's shalom for the earth. With penetrating cultural and theological analysis, Schuurman places computer technology within the big picture of the biblical story.

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