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September New Book List

Posted on 30 September 2009 wgleeson

Each month Camden Theological Library adds around 100 new books to the collection.  These books are normally books suggested by Uniting Church staff, ministers, UTC faculty, students and others.  Every month these books are put up on the New Book Display, located just inside the entrance to the Library, with the Faculty & PaCT Publications.

The September New Book Display is now available for viewing and borrowing.  There is a huge range of books covering many areas of theology, Biblical studies, church history, pastoral theology, worship and many more.

To view the What's New list, click here (850k PDF).


Here are some highlights from this months books.  Click on the book cover or title to view the catalogue record.

Approaching GodApproaching God : a guide for worship leaders and worshippers / Christopher J. Ellis.

Worship in the evangelical tradition is a blend of prepared and extempore contributions. It generally follows a set pattern, but openness to spontaneity is an essential ingredient. As in other traditions, ministers and worship leaders receive very little training in how to lead worship and this book meets a pressing need.

A very practical resource, it offers clear guidelines and a theological framework that genuinely embrace the characteristics of evangelical worship.

It considers many aspects of worship including:

  • Why do we worship?
  • Who is worship for?
  • Patterns and shapes in worship
  • Types of prayer
  • Singing
  • Preaching
  • The Lord’s Supper
  • Nuts and bolts of leading
  • The spirituality of leading worship
  • Connections to the whole of life
  • Worship as encounter
  • Worship as pastoral care
  • Worship as evangelism
  • Worship as celebration

A directory of resources and online worship is also provided.

From Canterbury Press website

The Bible as LiteratureThe Bible as literature / T.R. Henn ; foreword by Glen Cavaliero.

Tom Henn’s classic work represents an important and illuminating reading for the student of English literature and religion, the general reader of the Bible and the Bible lover.

Based on the King James (Authorised) Version of the Bible, Dr Henn looks critically at the epic, narrative, lyric and dramatic qualities of the sacred texts. He examines the Bible’s unique "forge of style" and the imagery which so profoundly give the Bible its Biblical character.

The Bible’s immense variety, its capacity to speak to the heart and mind of the reader, its powerful readability and above all its sense of the eternal, are all brought into Henn’s masterly work.

As Henn says: "The Bible has been burned deeply into the fabric of the life and literature of the English-speaking peoples. Its proverbs and its parables, its episodes sacred or profane, have been expounded in drama and poetry from the earliest written English."

Dr Tom R. Henn was a famous authority on Yeats and the Irish poets and for many years a distinguished member of the English School in Cambridge, and President of St Catherine’s College. A Fellow of Trumbull College at Yale University, he was twice Seatonian Prizeman for poetry at Cambridge where his lectures on the Bible as Literature were a popular feature of English studies. His other books include The Lonely Tower, The Harvest of Tragedy, and The Apple and the Spectroscope.

From The Lutterworth Press website

Radical Erasmus

Encounters with a radical Erasmus : Erasmus' work as a source of radical thought in early modern Europe / Peter G. Bietenholz.

Although Erasmus is now accepted as a harbinger of liberal trends in mainstream Christian theology, the radical ? even subversive ? aspects of his work have received less attention. Beginning with a redefinition of the term radicalism, Peter G. Bietenholz examines the ways in which the radical aspects of Erasmus? writings inspired radical reactions among sixteenth- and seventeenth-century readers.

Bietenholz examines the challenges to orthodoxy in Erasmus? scholarly work on the New Testament and the ways in which they influenced generations of thinkers, including John Milton and Sir Isaac Newton. Turning to other aspects of Erasmus? writings, the author shows the ways in which his opposition to war encouraged radical manifestations of pacifism; how his reflections on freedom of thought and religious toleration elicited both warm approval and fierce rejection; and the ways his critical attitude helped foster the early modern culture of Scepticism.

An engaging look at Erasmus? theological, philosophical and socio-political influence, Encounters with a Radical Erasmus will prove useful to scholars of humanism, theology, the Reformation and Renaissance.

Peter G. Bietenholz is a professor emeritus in the Department of History at the University of Saskatchewan.

From the University of Toronto Press Website

Old Testament Theology

Old Testament Theology: A Thematic Approach / Robin Routledge

Numerous useful books on Old Testament theology are now available. However, they often give too much information - or too little. Some can seem large, and daunting to the ordinary student or pastor, and because of their layout, information may be hard to access. Others take a more introductory approach and do not deal with many of the theological issues and questions that the Old Testament raises.

Robin Routledge's aim is to bridge this gap.

  • He provides a substantial overview of the central issues and themes in Old Testament theology in the main body of the text, with more detailed discussion and references for further reading in the footnotes.
  • His purpose is to examine the theological significance of the various texts in their wider canonical context, noting unity and coherence within the Old Testament (and to some extent between the Old and New Testaments), whilst also being aware of diversity. A brief outline of the relationship between exegesis and biblical theology within the overall task of interpreting and applying biblical material is given in the first chapter.
  • His hope as a Christian minister is that, while this volume has grown out of a teaching context, and is intended for students, it will also be of benefit to others who want to take the theological content of the Old Testament seriously, and to apply its message to the life and ministry of the church today.

Robin Routledge is Senior Lecturer in Old Testament and Academic Registrar, Mattersey Hall. He also teaches Old Testament courses at the International Baptist Theological Seminary (Prague) and the Continental Theological Seminary (Brussels). He is Pastor of Rotherham Baptist Church. His PhD in Biblical Studies is from the University of Sheffield.

From IVP website


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