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Seeing Our Faith : Creative Ideas for Working with Images of Christ

Posted on 3 July 2012 Gavin Glenn

The life of Christ has inspired artists through the centuries and, ever since religious images were first made, the figure of Christ has been depicted in every imaginable way. This resource in the popular Creative Ideas series uses images of Christ, from the familiar to the unexpected, to inspire a wealth of material for worship, study, faith sharing, prayer, reflection, workshops, retreats and quiet days.

Complete with ready-made programme outlines and downloadable handouts, the accompanying CD ROM also includes 199 images of Christ drawn from many cultures around the world. Ideas for a pick-and-mix approach will enable leaders to shape the material to suit local situations and differing needs.

In so many areas of life and faith, we rely on words. This rich visual resource will help unlock our intuition and our imagination as we seek fresh ways to express our faith and to enable others to share their stories.

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