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Ruth : Her Story, Our Story ... Reflections from Women of Faith

Posted on 4 September 2013 Gavin Glenn

The Book of Ruth is a novella, telling the timeless story of human love, resilience and faithfulness breaking the power of fate, brokenness and death. While it may seem, at first, a fairytale about romance and happy endings, it is also - at a far more profound level - a book about the ups and downs of life, about relationships, and about survival against the odds. People live their lives, suffering from brokenness and sin; and they rejoice as faith, faithfulness and love build bridges, laying foundations for future fulfillment. God has no important part to play in the Book of Ruth, yet it is a profoundly religious book in the sense that the lives of the people in it are directed by faith, faithfulness and moral integrity (or the lack of it!).

The current volume offers responses to the Ruth story in prose, poetry, and imagery, from women reading from the perspective of their respective faiths and personal experiences, as well as professional and educational contributions. The result is a multifaceted labour of love connecting the ancient story of Ruth with the lives and faith of contemporary women.


Anneke Oppewal BA (Hons), Mtheol. is a Minister of the Word of the Uniting Church in Australia.

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