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Users of a website that is adapted to RSS may use the RSS capability to sign up automatically to receive news of changes to that website. In our case RSS is used to send out news of the availability of a new titles list, book review or general announcements. More information about RSS may be found at

How do I sign up to receive RSS bulletins?

  1. You need a news-feed reader on your computer. Some email clients (for example Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple Mail) and web browsers (for example, Safari for newer Apple systems) are able to act in this role. There are also single purpose readers available. You will find a range them by trying a Google search for "RSS newsreader".
  2. Right click any of the below icons and select the option to copy the link location or shortcut. Then paste the link into your news-feed reader. How you accomplish this last step will depend on the reader. You may also be able to simply click the link in your web browser and use the options presented.

The following RSS feeds are available on the Camden Theological Library’s website:

RSSNews Announcements – General news and announcements about the library.

RSSNew Books – A notification list for new titles added to our collections.

RSSBook Reviews – Reviews and highlights from new books or books covering topical interests.



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