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Revived Resuscitated Reborn Undead

Posted on 8 July 2013 Gavin Glenn

Fascinated by zombies, vampires and the undead?

Ever wonder what it means to become truly alive, to come back from the dead, to live with a sense of forever in your bones?

Death isn’t the end of existence, some say, but what if death isn’t even the end of life? What if there could be life beyond the grave, a physical existence that defies mortality? What if there isn’t just death and life, but death and undeath?

Did you know that ancient historical traditions and biblical narratives record multiple incidents of the undead? The New Testament alone records seven separate incidents of dead people returning to life through the power of God. Now’s the chance to get familiar with the undead – the really undead – through the amazing grave-robbing stories of the three R’s (Revived, Resuscitated, and Reborn) recorded in Scripture. With story-telling genius and cultural clarity, author/speaker Clay Morgan brings an unforgettable book that invites you to get UNDEAD!

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