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Renewing the face of the earth

Posted on 21 April 2011 Gavin Glenn

Review by George Emeleus

David Atkinson initially studied to PhD level as a chemist, was ordained in the Church of England and has extensive pastoral experience, including several years as a bishop.   He writes with clarity and insight into the challenges which climate change presents to Christian discipleship.    In his words “I want in this book to argue that a more fully biblical theology of covenant and creation commits us to respond urgently to the questions posed by climate change, and that such a response is centrally part of the meaning of the Gospel of a God who ‘so loved the world’”.    His references to the Scriptures are insightful and carry well across the millennia into our contemporary scene, giving a rich and biblically rooted exploration of Christian discipleship in this time of climate change.   The book is also a good source of references on church and climate change, particularly drawn from English and often from theologically relatively conservative Christian sources.

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