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Reflected Love : Companioning in the Way of Jesus

Posted on 10 June 2013 Gavin Glenn

By bringing four contemporary companioning narratives into dialogue with gospel descriptions of Jesus' encounters with people, this book demonstrates how wonderfully diverse interpersonal ministry—pastoral care, counselling, chaplaincy, mentoring, spiritual companioning, and spiritual direction—is active participation in his shepherding, healing, restorative, and guiding purposes. Jesus' invitation, as the true shepherd, master guide, and companion, is to embody and reflect his humble, life-giving, and restorative dynamic. With the essence of his way encapsulated in the words, "Come unto me …" (Matt 11:28-30), and gospel accounts opening to us his person and his interpersonal dynamic, we are invited and gifted to offer to pilgrims profound respect as persons created in the likeness of God; the accompaniment of a gentle and humble heart; welcoming and sacred spaces; relational solidarity; creative and often non-directive entry points into the deeper rhythms and flows of their human experience (noting Jesus' use of metaphor, imagery, enlivened imagination, parable, paradox, wakefulness, and attentiveness to the everyday); and, the prayerful attentiveness that will guide them to find rest for their souls. The encouragement is to get on the road with this master guide-companion and experience his kingdom breaking through, in, and around the lives of pilgrims and their companions


“With the paucity of formation in the contemporary church, many Christians are looking to spiritual direction or companioning as a way to deepen their journey of faith. In this winsome presentation of the art of companioning, the author moves us below the surface of the 'how to' to the dynamics of encounter between two pilgrims (the companion and pilgrim) in seeking the way of Jesus. Existentially profound, pastorally sensitive, psychologically insightful, this way of companioning is shaped by the heartbeat of the Gospel narratives and the creation of a safe place where the wisdom of God can well up from the heart cries of despair and wounding. No one who reads this book can remain the same.”

-Charles Ringma,
author of Seek the Silences with Thomas Merton



"This is not just a book for those who work with others in formal relationships of ministry, therapy, counseling, or spiritual direction-although those in this group will find it offers a particularly fresh and creative way of listening and engaging with those they seek to help. Beyond this, however, it is for all who seek themselves to better understand the way of Jesus and the implications of this for their encounters with others. Read it and be prepared to see through new eyes, hear through new ears, and respond from a new heart. It is, indeed, a book full of transformational possibilities!”

-David G. Benner,
author of Soulful Spirituality

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