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Recovering from Depression

Posted on 20 October 2014 Gavin Glenn

A companion guide for Christians

When we suffer from depression, the idea of waking up in the morning and feeling glad to be alive seems almost impossible!

Depression is a devastating illness, both for those affected and for their loved ones, and the road to recovery can appear very long and winding indeed. However, for Christians who are slowly feeling their way towards a life of greater equanimity, this encouraging book will prove a reassuring guide and Katharine Smith an empathetic companion. A complete cure from depression might not always be possible. Yet Katharine's experiences over the past few years have led her to believe that there is much to be gained from trying to identify the issues that gave rise to negative patterns of thinking and behaving in the first place. We might find, as we attempt to integrate these into our lives in a healthy way, that our faith and hope take on a new maturity.

Recovering from Depression, though mainly for those overcoming this condition, also provides valuable insight for relative, friends and people who offer pastoral care.


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