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Pursuing God's Will Together

Posted on 23 January 2014 Gavin Glenn

Book Cover - Pursuing God's Will Together

A discernment practice for leadership groups

Is it possible to come away from a church board meeting feeling refreshed an inspired? Is it possible to make decisions as a team in a deeply prayerful way? Is it possible to be guided not by secular business modes but by God?

In Pursuing God’s Will Together, Transforming Center founder Ruth Haley Barton provides a trustworthy process that enables Christian leaders to actively seek God together. Based on her experience as well as consultations with pastors and other leaders, the step-by-step guidance, personal reflection questions and community practices will help your leadership team become a community for discernment.

Here is a call to leadership that is truly spiritual – leadership that is rooted in discerning and doing the will of God.

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