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Prodigal Christianity : 10 Signposts into the Missional Frontier

Posted on 14 October 2013 Gavin Glenn

Where is the Christianity that journeys into the difficult places, the places where the Christian language is not yet spoken? . . . Where is the renewal of what the church has always been but sometimes forgets to be: a people sent in mission? Where are the signposts that can direct us into the missional frontier?"
—From the Introduction

Prodigal Christianity asks the questions that point to the issues troubling church leaders in the newly secularized post-Christendom cultures of North America. How is God revealed? What is the gospel? Where is the kingdom of God? And, most importantly, how do we live these realities amidst the sexualities, pluralism, and injustices of our time? Faced with these questions, many are looking for a way beyond the Emergent and Neo-Reformed movements, which seem to speak only to the people already convinced. Prodigal Christianity moves us beyond Christian-culture-bound ways of being Christian to living radically as Jesus's people present in the world.

Using ten "signposts," Prodigal Christianity charts the journey every Christian must take into "the far country." It is a journey that is radical and yet generous, defined by the very way God has come to us in Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit. Nothing is compromised as this journey breaks down boundaries around the postmodern, post-Christian, relationally scarred, sexually broken, economically marginalized peoples of our day. Exploring the depths of the Christian faith, Prodigal Christianity opens the pathway for every Christian and every church to journey forward into the missional frontier God is calling us to in these new and different times.

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