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Presbyterian Worship in the Twentieth Century : with a focus on the Book of Common Worship

Posted on 21 May 2012 Gavin Glenn

"Arlo Duba has gifted us with a fascinating and detailed history of the planning, development, publication, and reception of The Book of Common Worship. Duba's work is a model for us all, as present and future worshippers wonder at how our liturgical books came to be."
Gail Ramshaw, Professor of Religion, La Salle University

"The ecumenical church rejoiced with Presbyterians at the publication of the Book of Common Worship. Those who are not Presbyterians are able to see themselves and their heritage credibly portrayed in its pages. Duba's account of this published expression of current ecumenical convergence is a gift and a challenge to the global church."
Thomas E. Dipko, United Church of Christ, San Francisco, CA

"Arlo Duba's remarkable book offers a review which begins with a time in which little attention was given to the depth and breadth of liturgy. This lack of attention was not unique to churches of the Reformed tradition; it was as present in perhaps slightly different wasy but nonetheless, in the Roman Catholic, Lutheran and Episcopal communions as well. Fifty years of worship renewal in all the Christian communions in North America runs on parallel tracks to what has been presented here from the Presbyterian perspective. Thus, this is a valuable narrative for us all."
The Rev. Robert A. Rimbo, Bishop of the Metropolitan New York Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

"Arlo Duba's account of the history of the Book of Common Worship offers not only a crash course in liturgical theology and recent liturgical history, but also a fascinating case study on the role of denominations, liturgical scholarship, and publication projects in the larger process of worship renewal. The book teaches us an indispensable lesson, challenging all of us who are dedicated to deepening the church's corporate worship practices not only to understand and deepen the content and form of worship, but also the institutional mechanisms that influence practices."
John D. Witvliet, Director, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, Grand Rapids, Michigan

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