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Preaching with a Plan : Strategies for Growing Mature Believers

Posted on 2 August 2013 Gavin Glenn

If you want to develop mature believers in your church, you need a plan.

The spiritual lives of your church members are driven largely by what you choose to preach about on Sunday morning. If your messages are scattered, unrelated to one another, or haphazardly prepared, it can be difficult for people to make connections to aid their spiritual growth.

Preaching with a Plan shows you a step-by-step process on how to develop a cohesive preaching plan to guide your choice of Scripture, topics, and concepts to use in worship services. It answers these critical questions:

  • Who plans preaching?
  • Why should I plan my preaching?
  • What kinds of preaching plans are available?
  • How do I put together a preaching plan?

Moving quickly from theory to practice, Preaching with a Plan will help you develop an entire year's worth of sermons designed to educate, enrich, and nurture mature believers in your congregation.

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