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People-Pleasing Pastors

Posted on 23 March 2015 Gavin Glenn

Cover - People-Pleasing Pastors

Avoiding the pitfalls of spproval-motivated leadership

You can’t please everyone.

Have you ever:

  • Tried to avoid an argument by changing the topic?
  • Said yes to a request when you should have said no?
  • Appointed an unqualified person for a role because a powerful board member insisted on it?

If you answered yes to any of these, you might be a people pleaser.

Pastors and church leaders often fall into the trap of people-pleasing. Sometimes it seems like the sacrificial, godly thing to do. But all too often people pleasing derails us and actually hurts our ministry.

Charles Stone’s research on thousands of pastors and ministry leaders demonstrates the dangers of approval-motivated leadership. Bringing together biblical insights and neuroscience findings, Stone shows why we fall into people-pleasing patterns and what we can do to overcome these tendencies. With practical tools for individuals and teams, Stone offers concrete resources to help you and your leadership minimize people-pleasing and have more effective ministry.



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