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People of Compassion

Posted on 22 November 2013 Gavin Glenn

Examples of people around the world and throughout history who have embodied Christ-like compassionate community work.


“Are you looking for some inspiration to lead a life worthy of Christ? Dave Andrews' People of Compassion may be the book for you! The collection of forty of these biographies into one volume provides a valuable source of encouragement and instruction by example in the area of compassion. The focus is on the way in which each person advocated for justice and defended the poor. There is something to learn in every profile. The 'Suggestions for Meditation' section at the conclusion of each biography is helpful. A great resource for personal reflections, group studies, sermon illustrations, and children's talks.”

Cheryl Catford,
Australian Evangelical Alliance


“People of Compassion is a collection of forty stories about ordinary people throughout history who have embodied Christ's extraordinary spirit of compassion . . . The book is no ordinary collection of the saints because, rather than focusing on gruesome martyrdoms, bleeding statues, etc., Andrews has presented these people as genuine people who listened to God's word and acted accordingly. Andrews has presented a wide selection of men and women from a variety of cultural, ethnic, and social backgrounds. I could relate to many of the people in the stories, and found this a source of personal inspiration to act with greater compassion. People of Compassion is a little book of hope that we all can make this world a better place. It would be a wonderful book for a minister, for individual reflection and for group study.”

Naomi Waldron,
Journey Magazine

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